SoundExtreme 4-Channel EV Amplifier

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This SoundExtreme EV Amp is not suitable for vehicles equipped with a sole +12V power supply.

Elevate your electric vehicle audio game with the Compact HD 4-channel EV Amplifier! No need for step-down converters or intricate wiring – directly connect the EV30041 to your 32V – 82V battery for a mind-blowing 75 watts RMS x 4 output. Inside its compact frame, a top-notch Texas Instruments High Definition amplifier ensures powerful, minimal distortion sound in a golf cart-friendly size.

Experience cutting-edge technology with the built-in DSP crossover control, offering a wide frequency range from 20Hz to 20KHz. Worried about the elements? Don't be – this amp is 100% waterproof and dirtproof, sealed in a die-cast aluminum chassis for durability. The EV30041 is not just versatile but also packs a punch – use it to pump out 4 channels of 75 watts at 4 ohms, create a 3-channel setup for speakers and a subwoofer, or bridge the amplifier for a party-ready 150 watts x 2 at 2 ohms. Unleash the potential of your electric vehicle audio with the EV30041 – it's not just an amplifier; it's a game-changer!