SoundExtreme Audio Rocker Switch Remote Control

Sale price$69.99

This innovative rocker switch will power on /off all SoundExtreme tower speakers, marine radios, and SoundExtreme soundbars (select models) PLUS it has a built in wireless remote control.  Control volume, track selection, power as well as LED light scenes.

Wirelessly Control your SoundExtreme tower speakers, marine radios and select soundbars (controls all SoundExtreme Elite, Pro, and Pulse series soundbars. 

Snap-In Install: Design fits standard Carling style rocker switch openings. 

Remote Turn-On Wire: Optionally connect the wire to SoundExtreme products with remote turn on wires. 

Control Your Audio and Lights: FWD/RWD tracks, volumne, play/pause and LED light scenes. 

Rugged: IP66 water and dust ingress protection, designed for dirt, dust, and marine environments. 

Power: 9~16V 20A power input, 9~16V, 20A power output, remote turn-on output 12V, 1.2mA

RF Remote Control: Built in 433MHZ RF transmitter pairs with the remote control sensor in your SoundExtreme products.

What's In The Box: Audio rocker switch, user guide