Universal Mounting Bracket V4 "T" Bracket

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ECOXGEAR’s new V4 universal mounting brackets are designed to fit almost any golf cart in the market. The T bracket design with screw spacing from 3.5” to 4.25” has endless mounting options, will work on both front and rear factory struts, and most golf cart tops with metal tracks or bracing.

With adjustable slots, the mounting brackets are compatible with the SE18, SE26, SE28, SEB26,SEB28, SE33 and SEDS32 soundbars.

Universal Mounting fit has been tested and confirmed on the following carts: Club Car, Yamaha, Icon, StarEV, Excar, Bintelli, Revo, Royal, Vivid, EZGO (4/6 passengers but only directly in front of the rear struts with the Eagle top).


  • T shaped mounting brackets
  • 8 screws and washers to mount to speaker
  • Installation guide

    Check the screw spacing of your roof struts.  If the two bolts are 3.5" to 4.25" apart, this bracket should work!

     Patent Pending.