DEALER SoundExtreme Wireless Radio Transom/Rear Seat Remote Control

Sale price$60.00

MSRP- $99.99

This innovative battery powered remote allows for no wire or screw install and can control SoundExtreme marine radios, amplified tower speakers and select SoundExtreme soundbars. Includes optional holster allowing you to easily remove the remote control and use it in multiple locations in and around your boat, golf cart and UTV.

Control the audio and LED Lights of 1 to 3  SoundExtreme products, and depending on the connected SoundExtreme product you are paired with control up to 3 wireless audio zones.

Wirelessly: Control your SoundExtreme marine radios, tower speakers, and select soundbars (controls all SoundExtreme Elite, Pro and Pulse series soundbars)

Install Options: Tape or screw in the remote holster to easily remove and relocate the remote, or tape the remote directly to your desired permanent location

Control Your Audio and Lights: FWD / RWD tracks, volume, play/pause and LED light scenes on up to 3 different SoundExtreme products

Rugged: IP67 water and dust ingress protection, designed for dirt, dust and marine environments (the remote is submersible but does not float)

Power: Replaceable standard CR2032 coin cell battery, 3.0V

RF Remote Control: Built in 433MHZ RF transmitter pairs with the remote control sensor in your SoundExtreme products.

What's In The Box: Transom remote, holder, double sided tape, optional mounting screws, user guide