Every Bride and groom wants their wedding to flow together seamlessly. So here at Sound Extreme we meet with you ahead of time to plan out your special day. This insures our DJ’s work with you, the caterers, and the photographers to make sure your day is one that will last in your memories forever .

The bride and groom are always respected as the producers of their wedding day, including the music. All events such as the grand entrance and first dance will be professionally announced. We are always keeping you the focus of attention. We are not the type of DJ to steal the show or be cheesy on the mic.

This is such an important day not only to you but to us. Your wedding is not just another gig or job to us, it’s a day that should be treasured and forsaken for all time. Be sure and take the time when choosing your DJ for your wedding, its a decision that can make or break your reception.

Take a look at our questions on how to choose a DJ right for you. Sound Extreme and all the professionals involved should always keep in mind…

‘It’s your day’ Wedding Day Package:

Wedding DJ Packages Start @ $1295.00

Wedding Consultation

  • We meet with you for planning and music selection
  • Song suggestions and consulting on music
  • Portfolio of our DJ system set up at your venue
  • Six page wedding planner work sheet
  • Time table of events
  • Vendor Details.  We work with your vendors as a Team
  • Venue Walk Thru available.


  • Rehearsal attendance
  • Professional Sound system
  • Wireless mic for minister and groom
  • All speakers and DJ out of the way of photos
  • Traditional music or your choice of music
  • Mics for singers or readings available no extra charge


  • Professional MC! No Cheese!
  • All events announced: grand entrance, first dance etc..
  • Professional High End Sound & Lighting including wireless mic
  • Professional DJ Mixing the best music
  • DJ reads the dance floor and plays the perfect songs
  • Always communicating with bride & groom
  • Working closely with photographer, caterer and all vendors
  • Making you the center of attention “It’s your day”

The DJ Master of Ceremonies

  • Professional (No Cheese MC)
  • Knowledgeable
  • Experienced
  • Tuxedo/Shirt & tie attire
  • Requests welcomed & appreciated

We offer many add ons to make your day truly special, below are some of our most popular upgrades.

1 Uplighting
2 Market Lighting
3 Wine Barrel Lighting
4 Chandeliers
5 Monograms
6 Dancing on Clouds
7 Pipe & Drape
8 Dance Floors
9 Lamp Posts
10 Tent Lighting
11 LOVE Letters
1 Uplighting

Uplighting is custom designed for each event.  Size of venue depends on design layout and number of lights.

  • 10 light package $195
  • 20 light package $395
  • 30 light package $495

2 Market Lighting

We can provide market lights for a variety of setups. Market lighting can attach to existing points at the venue, or see Wine Barrel Market Lighting. With or without paper lanterns.  
Packages start at $395


3 Wine Barrel Lighting

Complete your market lighting package with our beautiful wine barrel system.

Packages starting at $495

4 Chandeliers

We have several styles of chandeliers to choose from. They can be attached to existing anchor points, and in trees. We can also design a custom solution to fit your venue.

$100 each plus install labor

5 Monograms

You can project your monograms of your names, wedding date, or anything else onto any surface for a special lighting effect. Our custom monograms are designed specifically for each event.

Monogram Light  $295

6 Dancing on Clouds

A great effect for first dance!


7 Pipe & Drape

Dress up event halls, drape walls, or add a backdrop behind a stage or head table with our drape solutions.

  • $8 – $10 per foot
  • Head table backdrops $150, $250 with lighting or crystal beads

8 Dance Floors

We offer several types of dance floors including:

  • Oak 3×3 sections with brass trim
  • Laminate 4×4 sections with black trim
  • Slate 4x4 (indoor only) 
  • LED Dance Floors

Great for any event, indoors and outdoors. Under carpet for grass and dirt setups required. Custom subfloors available for additional cost. All dance floors require level surface for use. LED floor outdoor use subject to conditions and weather.

9 Lamp Posts

Lamp posts are a great, tasteful way to add more light to your dark venue. We offer them in green and white.

$50 per Lamp Post


10 Tent Lighting

If you will be renting a tent for you event, we can provide tasteful lighting and ceiling drape.
Please call for pricing.

11 LOVE Letters

The light-up love letters are one of our most popular add ons and are available in the following sizes.

  • 18 inch - $100
  • 3 foot - $150
  • 4 foot - $200
  • 5 foot - $250


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For a full list of our many services please click Here

Call for pricing and availability.  Packages start at just $1095!!  209.532.0868

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