Sound Extreme offers complete concert production. We can provide Sound, Lighting, Staging, Truss, Video LED Wall, Backline and more. Call us today for a free quote on your upcoming concert. We will help you put together a package that fits your budget. Sound Extreme has worked with National Artist all over the US.
1 Speakers
2 Consoles
3 Extras / Back Line
4 Sound Rentals
5 Lighting & Stage
6 Video / LED Walls
7 PC rentals
8 EFX Lighting
9 Intelligent Lighting
10 Laser Shows
11 Truss
12 Additional Rentals
1 Speakers

QSC Sound K series

KW series and KLA Line Array 1000-2000Watt

Line Array A-Line Line array dual 10in 3000watt, Dual 18in Subs

Custom Floor wedges 10″,12″ and 15″

L Accoustic Line Array

2 Consoles

Yamaha M7 Digital
Yamaha LS9 Digital
Yamaha PM4000 40ch house console
Soundcraft MH-3 40ch house console
Soundcraft series II 32×12 monitor console
Behringer X32 Digital
Mackie console for small systems

and more

3 Extras / Back Line

Drum set DW or Yamaha $175.00+

Guitar amp $75.00+

Bass amp $75.00+

Keyboard $95.00-175.00

Percussion includes

1 DW 6 pc. drum kit w/ hardware , Various perc. “toys”

1 Tama 6 pc. drum kit w/hardware , 2 Perc tables

1 drum cymbal package , 5 Various snares (i.e. DW, Tama, Pearl)

1 set LP congas w/stands , chimes, cowbells , shakers

1 set LP Timbales w/stands

1 set bongos w/ stands

Keyboards include:

1 Kurzwiel SP-88 88 key weight keyboard w/ stands

Guitar Amps include:

1 Marshall DSL 100 head w/pedal

1 Marshall TSL 100 head w/pedal

2 Marshall JCM1960a cabinets

2 Fender Twin Reverb amps w/pedal

1 Fender Blues Deville Hot rod w/ pedal

1 Roland JC120 amp w/pedal

Bass Amps include:

1 SWR workingmans 4004 head

2 SWR 4-10 bass cabinet

1 Gallien Kruger GK1001rb head

1 GK 810 Cabinet

Shure PSM 600 systems in ear monitors

Drum risers include: 4X8 ft drum risers up to 24″ high

More options upon request.

4 Sound Rentals

Crown, QSC, Peavey amps $35.00-$100.00 each

QSC, JBL, Peavey Speakers $40.00-$100.00 each

Soundcraft, Behringer, Mackie, American Audio, Numark, Pioneer, Mixers startiing at $50.00 each

Mic Snake $35.00+

Shure Wireless mics $50.00 and up

Wired mics SM58 etc.. $15.00 and up

5 Lighting & Stage

wo lighting tree’s, one on each side consisting of four par cans each. $150.00 pair or $75.00 for one tree

20 foot lighting truss across front of stage consisting of up to 16 par cans $500.00 +

40 foot lighting truss across front of stage consisting of up to 24-32 par cans $1000.00 +

Larger lighting systems available for specific events.

Follow Spot Light. $125.00

Search lights scanning the sky (four head-four lights) $500.00 and up

LED Par Cans $35

Ellipsoidal Leko $35

Trussing 12in box all sizes call$

We carry basic riser to full size concert stage systems.  Call for pricing.

6 Video / LED Walls

We can provide video screen or LED screen services for your event.  Video screens and LED walls available in all sizes.  Call for pricing.

7 PC rentals

Laptop for powerpoint or other use $50.00

Laptop with DMX lighting control $100.00

8 EFX Lighting

Effects lighting available upon request,  many different fixtures.

9 Intelligent Lighting

We carry both Beam and Spot moving heads to design that perfect light show.

10 Laser Shows

X-Laser the leader in laser shows.  We are a proud dealer and laser show provider of these products.

11 Truss

We carry a huge inventory of Global Truss.  Including sleeve block ground support systems and roof systems.

12 Additional Rentals

Two Technics SL-1200 MK3 Turntables $100.00

Two Pioneer CDJ-1000 cd players with Pioneer DJM-800
With Serato SL4 $300

Fog Machines/Dry Ice Machines/Snow Machines – Starting at $35.00