10 Things For a Successful Wedding

1:  Guests come first: Figure out how many guests you’ll be have before finalizing your venue. This will make sure you’ll have enough space for your guests and crew.


2: Investigate wedding blackout dates: Make sure to know if your wedding falls on a holiday or other events, to ensure all your guests and DJ’s can get there on time and book a hotel.


3: Weather: Check weather around the week of your wedding to be prepare for possible rain, snow, or heat to make sure you have all the right equipment or possible change of placement of ceremony for your successful wedding. And always have a backup plan!


4: Check your credit: Ask your bank about any credit cards with a rewards program. This will help you gain thousands of points and help you build up credit.


5: Lighten up your guest list: If you have a budget for your wedding cut down of your guest count. Depending on where you plan on getting married, the food can be a bit pricey ( $30-$100) And, try to limit 10 guests to each table to save you $1,000.  Cutting back on your guest list will help you stay within your budget.  Plan to have a buffet table for every 100 guests.


6: Ask and you might receive: Make sure to book all your vendors for the amount of time you will need them.


7: Make a meal plan: We all know wedding meals are expensive! Before you sign your contract, check to see if you’re required to serve the same meal to your vendors as you do your guest.  If not, choose a less expensive meal for them..or you’ll be paying for 20 more crab legs.


8: Tend to your bar: Usually, you’ll need one bartender per 50 guests. If you plan on having a signature drink that can’t be made in large quantities, plan on having an extra server specifically to make your drink.


9:  Prepare for rejection:  Know that as rule, about 20% of people will not attend, this also depends on the location ( destination weddings are harder to attend )  guests might also already have an event or holiday they’re attending.


10:  Make a policy for kids: You have a couple of options here. You can allow children to attend or do “adults only”. But make sure that if you do no children to not allow some people to bring their unless their in the wedding party of course! To avoid hurt feelings.

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